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Leading By Example
October 22, 2020
I think it is vitally important that a seeker of public office can show to the voters what he or she has done as a citizen, not only what that person promises to do if elected. I believe in leading by example, since words often are just empty promises. I was a founding member and active participant in S.T.O.P. (Stop Trashing Our Place), a Lincoln-Cumberland environmental action group, which successfully fought to stop two construction and demolition trash facilities and a chemical company with dozens of RIDEM/EPA violations from locating near our Cumberland-Lincoln Boys and Girls Club and our Historic Blackstone Valley Bike Path.

These resources are precious to us, since they nourish our bodies and our spirits. I will continue my environmental activism for you in the future, as I have demonstrated with past performances and successes.

Protect The Unborn
October 18, 2020
During the 2019 legislative session, our state legislators passed a New York style law that supports virtually unregulated and unrestricted abortion up to the moment of birth for practically any reason whatsoever. Planned Parenthood, the nation's largest abortion business, and its coalition of abortion extremists are now pressing for taxpayer funded abortion-on-demand in RI. They are also targeting conscience rights for healthcare professionals and for employers, even religious employers, as they seek to enact in RI state law the federal abortifacient and contraceptive "HHS Mandate" that has seen the Little Sisters of the Poor, Hobby Lobby, and others having to defend their First Amendment rights before the Supreme Court for nearly a decade.

I have been a prolife activist since the Roe v. Wade decision in 1973. As your state representative, I would work to repeal the 2019 legislation in order to protect the lives of the unborn from birth. I would also work to protect senior citizens and the disabled from state-supported euthanasia.

Home Care and Hospice Legislation
October 17, 2020
In my opinion, Gov. Raimondo failed and was derelict in not supporting front line home care and hospice workers, including those delivering service to Covid-19 positive patients in congregate settings. Gov. Raimondo spent money on her PR and daily briefings of body counts and contractions of Covid-19 when much more could have been spent and done to protect the most vulnerable Covid-19 population. I support the Rhode Island partnership for Home Care and a $20 minimum wage and sustainable reimbursement rates. I support Home Care fully since it brings comfort to your loved ones to be at home. My grandmother had home care and died at home in 1959. I call for an independent investigation of what Raimondo did right and what she did wrong in her response in protecting our most vulnerable in congregate settings. I would be a leader in the Rhode Island home care and hospice legislative caucus.

Cullen Announces Bid for State Representative
June 27, 2018
Valley Breeze

Let's repeal the Toll Bill!
October 11, 2016
Press Release from Cullen Campaign, Rep. Dist 46

Voters, remember on Nov. 8th that your current Rep. O'Grady voted for tolling trucks, which is an anti-business/consumer vote and just another tax to keep RI as the least friendly business state in the nation, as reported by CNBC.

Earlier this year at General Assembly hearings, several trucking companies testified they would move operations and jobs out of state if tolls were implemented. RIPEC used RIDOT's own projection that tolls do not adequately fund bridge repairs in the short term, but will generate a $700 million surplus in the future, which politicians will use at their discretion. This brings to mind the General Assembly grant system.

Rep. Gallison and others used grants as a candy store for those who vote with leadership as Rep. O'Grady has done 85% of the time (

Good govt. groups have encouraged a line item in the $9 billion budget to address bridge repair, a wiser pay-as-you-go plan which does not hurt the trucking industry and RI consumers. It would also remove toll surpluses that would fall into the black hole of the General Fund.

The organization has said that ultimately truck tolls will expand to car tolls. Rep. O'Grady not only voted for truck tolls, but when Rep. Filippi proposed a constitutional amendment requiring voter approval for future car tolling, Rep. O'Grady voted NO, leaving car tolling in our future.

38 Studios
October 1, 2016
Press Release from John Cullen, Lincoln, RI

The 38 Studios debacle  of $100 million is still an open wound on RI taxpayers that current Rep. O'Grady aids and abets by voting annually to pay $1.5 million of your taxes to pay off this corrupt "immoral" bond.  I testified  in June of 2014 at the House Finance Committee not to pay this bond, since we taxpayers never voted on it. There were several banks, among them Wells Fargo and Barclays, who insured this bond but were reluctant to pay it until RI had to pay to take them to court to get a partial settlement. The bond holders should have taken the insurers of this corrupt bond to court. A former RI attorney general and a former RI supreme justice were of the opinion that RI taxpayers were not obligated to pay this bond and the insurers were responsible.

When H-7133 amended was voted on in 2014, which provided for the transfer of the $1.5 million yearly bond payment to fund a new office of Independent counsel tasked with investigating criminal wrong doing, O'Grady voted NO. In June of 2016, H-7454A provided for a special prosecutor to investigate 38 Studios and again O'Grady voted NO. The good government group ( graded all legislators on their votes to get answers to 38 Studios and O'Grady received an F.

When elected, I will vote NO on 38 Studios payments and will fight to establish an elective office of Inspector General to prosecute all government corruption. Voters must demand that Gov. Raimondo release the 38 Studios State Police documents, so we can expose and reform RI's corrupt political culture.

John J. Cullen
Lincoln, RI

Federal Government Rejects RI DOT's FASTLANE Grant Request
July 13, 2016
Press Release from

Last week, the federal government rightly rejected a ridiculous request from the RI DOT for a $175 million FASTLANE grant to engage in RI's own Big Dig that would add an unneeded bus lane and replace the 6/10 Connector with a budget-busting, concrete mausoleum.

FASTLANE is an acronym that stands for 'Fostering Advancements in Shipping and Transportation for the Long-term Achievement of National Efficiencies'. In other words, it's a grant to support freight infrastructure - trucks. The premise of the grant is to support "high-impact projects" of national and regional significance, projects that promote national shipping, transportation and port efficiencies. The 6/10 Connector is hardly indicative of that goal.

The problem is, according to the DOT's own studies, the 6/10 Connector moves very little in the way of freight; i.e. relatively few trucks traverse this mile long stretch of local highway, and definitely not enough buses to justify a new, dedicated, wasteful transit lane. So one must ask why the RhodeWorks plan included a request for $175 million grant for a project that didn't fit the bill? Another bait and switch? Will the RI DOT and the governor now claim that they have no alternative but to either ask for more debt or expand the recent tolling legislation to include automobiles, or both? needs your help to continue to educate the public about which state representatives and senators voted against the taxpayers' demands (and best interest) and instead voted for Tolls.

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