Lincoln–Pawtucket Needs a Citizen–Reformer for YOUR REPRESENTATIVE


John Cullen for State Representative - District 46

Dear Voter in Representative District 46
Lincoln – Pawtucket:

I am once again a candidate for elective office, but this time as a Republican.

The Democratic party has no tolerance for a CONSERVATIVE; it is the party of the radical left which continues to destroy Rhode Islanders' freedom and prosperity.

Our current Representative Jack Lyle votes with the radical Democrats most of the time.

Our district 46 needs a CONSERVATIVE REPUBLICAN, not a RADICAL "RINO."  Jack Lyle was a Republican In Name Only and a progressive radical Democrat in his voting record.

There are nine Republican house lawmakers and Lyle was the only Republican scoring below ZERO on the Freedom Index Score Card.

Please visit to see his votes.

  • Lyle voted to interfere with collective bargaining – H-5662  and H-5663.
  • Lyle voted anti-school choice – H-5520.
  • Lyle voted for perpetual contracts for public employees -  H-5437.
  • Lyle voted for the barbaric partial birth abortion – H -5125; he supports Planned Parenthood and is endorsed by Planned Parenthood.
  • Lyle voted to allow government labor unions to force union dues – H-5259.
  • Lyle voted to give government more power of Eminent Domain to take private property -  H-6153.

All other House Republicans  (Filippi, Roberts, Newberry, Place, Nardone, Chippendale, Price and Quattrochi) scored above ZERO.

In fact ALL REPUBLICANS in the House and Senate (including our own Senator Paolino) SCORED ABOVE ZERO.

Lyle was the only Republican to fail his constituents by scoring below ZERO.

While Mary Ann Shallcross Smith has been a personal friend of mine since the 1970s, we differ in policy. Her politics are very liberal with regard to the state budget and social issues.

My fellow voters in the Representative District  46, I respectfully ask for your vote on November 3rd. Our district needs a true conservative to fight for our values.

I have always fought for reform and, with your support, we can have more freedom and prosperity for ourselves and our children.

Please view my entire website.

Thank You and God Bless,
John J. Cullen



Vote Republican Primary - September 8th


John, Barbara, and Family Celebrate Golden Anniversary

John Cullen Supports...


  • Establishing a VOTER INITIATIVE whereby you the voter can put referendum questions on the ballot – 24 other states have it
  • Second Amendment – legal gun ownership
  • Fourth Amendment – no illegal search and seizure of your personal data


  • E-VERIFY in the WORK FORCE – let's protect a legal workforce
  • Enacting RIGHT TO WORK laws that encourage RI to become competitive and business friendly, rather than anti-business
  • Repeal of the anti-business Toll Bill
    See Feb. 29, 2016 MEDIA STATEMENT
  • Abolishing the RI Sales Tax to help boost jobs and business growth


  • Establishing an elected position of INSPECTOR GENERAL to root out public official corruption
  • Election of judges with tenure limits and recall provisions
  • Strong Ethics laws for all elected officials
  • Term limits for state legislators


  • DEFUNDING PLANNED PARENTHOOD and placing those funds with agencies that support the lives of babies, rather than the deaths of babies; Ohio did – Rhode Island should
  • PRO-LIFE legislation
  • PRO-LIFE license plate


  • School Choice – taxpayer tuition follows the student
  • Investigating the No Bid school building contract
  • No Binding Arbitration for teacher contracts
  • One Statewide Teacher Contract

Pro Life News...

The White House has released an inspiring pro-life video to mark the President's historic appearance at the March for Life Rally in Washington, DC. Click here or on the image below to watch now:

Planned Parenthood: Still Making A Bloody Fortune
January 12, 2020 | Liberty Counsel

John Cullen Opposes...

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