The Progressive Agenda Is Transforming Rhode Island

July 22, 2018
RI Center For Freedom and Prosperity

Dear John,

Capitalism is the engine that produces prosperity. In America, we still believe that hard work and free enterprise are the building blocks of true opportunity. Here in the Ocean State, a dangerous vision is growing that works in opposition to those American values. The progressive agenda is transforming Rhode Island, before our very eyes, into a place where businesses face ever harsher regulatory and financial burdens. Indeed, the future will not wait for us. Competing states are hard at work to steal our youth, our citizens, and our businesses away.

Watch my recent appearance on State Of the State now! I talk about the split between the more moderate members of the General Assembly, and the far-left Progressives that is a growing problem in the Ocean State. The power struggle in the General Assembly proves the total lack of leadership and strategic thinking of our state's political class. Leadership has stopped the worst progressive plans. Yet, they have chosen to appease, rather than resist, the progressives' job-killing, big-spending agenda giving away far too much. Our families cannot afford to wait for them to stand up to the progressives, it is up to us. Click the link here now to find out more. Thank you.

In Liberty,

Mike Stenhouse, CEO
RI Center For Freedom and Prosperity
PO Box 10069
Cranston, RI 02910


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