Cullen says Rhode Islanders need new reform leaders, not the same old bleeders.
July 27, 2014
Rhode Island Center for Freedom and Prosperity

The List of Lasts & the ABCs Event

Our elected officials keep telling us how they're moving our state forward, yet Rhode Island has fallen to the bottom of the class in an shockingly high number of subjects. The Center has released the List of Lasts, a document that shows 19 distinct categories where the Ocean State ranks last, either nationally or regionally, in various performance indices as of the spring of 2014. We've all seen the negative headlines, but seeing all of the state's last place rankings in one place is jarring. It doesn't have to be this way; for too long the status quo has acted against the best interest of real Rhode Island families.

Rhode Island has all the characteristics to be an A+ state, yet our political class keeps failing us. Our state does have competitive advantages, and our elected officials need to craft public policy with that in mind. We are ideally located between Boston and New York. We have first rate universities, world-class restaurants, and access to the ocean. By adopting free market policies, like sales tax reform, we can draw people into Rhode Island instead of driving them away.

The List of Lasts is an example of the shameful failure of public policy and political leadership in Rhode Island. Changing the Ocean State is allowed; Rhode Islanders should demand better. This November, voters should hold accountable those legislators they feel contributed to these dismal rankings. Hopefully, in 2015, we will see a new public policy culture on Smith Hill.

On Thursday July 31st, the Center will be hosting a special event for Milton Friedman Legacy Day. Milton Friedman devoted the later part of his distinguished career to championing educational choice initiatives. You can register for this event at Every child in Rhode Island deserves a bright today, and a chance at a better tomorrow.

The 2014 Rhode Island List of Lasts
The RI Report Card is out, and somehow the grades are even worse than in 2013! As a followup to the RI Report Card, the Center has published the List of Lasts. On the list, you can see all 19 last place rankings for the Ocean State either nationally or regionally in various performance indices, as of the spring of 2014. A significant change to our public policy culture is required if the Ocean State is going to be able to keep families and businesses at home in our own state.

On the 2014 RI Report Card the state received a "D" or "F" in all 10 major categories, and in 41 of the 52 distinct subcategories. With grades like these it is time for a parent-teacher conference. Rhode Island is an A+ state, with a failing public policy culture. Rhode Island is being held back by our failing grades as the List of Last demonstrates, but it does not have to be this way.

CLICK HERE to see the full List of Lasts.

The ABCs of Educational Choice
You're invited! Every child deserves a bright today education opportunity. The Center will be hosting a free informative event on 7/31 from 4:00pm - 5:30pm on the ABCs of educational choice at the CCRI Liston campus. This event will explain how empowering parents with more choices can transform their children's education!

Friedman Legacy Day is an annual, international event that provides fans of Milton Friedman and lovers of liberty the opportunity to learn about the late Nobel Laureate. Come share his ideas, and celebrate the impact he had on our country and the worldwide movement for freedom. Refreshments will be provided by the Roosevelt Society.

CLICK HERE for more information and registration.


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